Cube Stuff

These are cards I need to fill out my cube!

All the prices from TCGPlayer, rounded up to the nearest 50¢. If something is checked off, I already have it.

If you like cube drafting, let me know, we're always looking for more players. We usually meet Wednesdays and sometimes Saturdays at my house in Wallingford.

Prerelease Promos

I have a collection of all of the prerelease promos up through M15, and I need to expand that into Khans. Since there are forty distinct promos this time, it'll be a challenge. Help me meet that challenge by trading me cards!

Since I'm specifically looking for the promos, I'm only interested in these if they have the prerelease stamp.

TCGPlayer doesn't have the promo prices listed yet, but prerelease promos tend to have about the same value as the non-promo equivalent, so that's what I've listed.






Old Release Promos

I'm trying to get all the release promos as well. It's a long shot that anyone will have one of these, but if you do, let me know.